Before you press record on your video camera….

Video Tip: #3: Be one with your message.

It’s obvious that you need to know your message when recording a video, but it’s another thing to be “one with your message.” Allow me to explain. One of the beautiful things about the mental health profession is the diverse means through which we assist clients in attaining mental, relational, and emotional health. I believe this is because mental health professionals are innovators, dreamers, and by nature–creative souls! It is not natural for us to conform to the latest trends or theory—we are constantly learning and developing new ways to help others. I believe we are guided by our personal life experiences, creativity and our own perception of beauty—whether we are aware of this or not.

Throughout our lives we are told to be a certain way to gain approval from others. We then adopt all these “shoulds” in life so that people can like us, love us, and approve of us. This is also true throughout the graduate school experience. Our text books and professors direct us towards how we “should” be to meet professionalism and clinical

competence standards. This is appropriate to some degree. Sure, there are basics we need to know (i.e. law and ethics and basic people skills). However, when it comes to integration of the “authentic self,” this is where, I believe, we venture away from the “shoulds.” Let’s make up our own minds; yet, be cautious not to violate any code of ethics or law within our jurisdiction. Cause no harm to our clients!

With that said, it is imperative that you connect and believe your message. You have to be a witness to the effectiveness and truth of your message. For example, if you are a believer and witness to the effectiveness of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), you will have an easier time explaining it and “selling” people on it. You’ll be passionate, motivated and excited to talk about EMDR. Research supports EMDR, however, being a witness and even personally experiencing its effectiveness, always wins! If you’re not a fan, that will come through in your video no matter what the research says. Know thy self! Evaluate whether your message is an extension of your belief system. If it’s not, then put down the video camera!

If you are interested in having your own promotional video please visit for more information. Or call me for a free 30 minute consultation and let’s talk about your video! Here’s my number: 909.247.8820. Looking forward to speaking with you and watching all your awesome future videos online!

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Before you press record on your video camera….

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