FYLMIT “How to build a community around your website.” with Tamara Suttle LPC

Ernesto Segismundo Jr.Hi my name is Ernesto Segismundo Jr. and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. Aside from my clinical practice, I’m also the creator of FYLMIT.com. At FYLMIT.com I create promotional videos for therapists in private practice.

Now I have my own video podcast called FYLMIT.com–Storytelling Through Video! Yeah, I thought that title was catchy too! Wooohoooo!!!!!😉

The purpose of these video podcast interviews is to showcase mental health professionals and those who work with them. I wanna tell their story through these video! I don’t want you to just hear them, I want you to see them…literally!

Each professional I interviewed are hand picked for their ability to inspire, encourage and enhance the value of the mental health profession. These professionals are not only clinicians but they are business coaches, marketers, community organizers, professors and just all around good human-beings.

Oh and I do have to say that video podcast is nothing new. However, I highly recommend that you don’t watch these videos while driving, walking, running or on your adventure catching Pokemons. I don’t want you to get into an accident. So please find a nice quiet and safe place to watch these videos.:-)

TamaraThis video podcast features:

Tamara Suttle LPC

Private Practice Coach and Clinical

Tamara is a licensed professional counselor for both Texas and Colorado.  Her professional career extends 30 years in mental health.  She currently specialize in creating on-line and face-to-face mental health communities.  Her work is amazing!  She emphasize in relationship-based business practice.  She has helped hundreds of therapists build their practices and professional identity.  For more information about her or if you want to work with her please visit her website at www.tamarasuttle.com.

Tamara also graciously offered a free e-book for the FYLMIT.com community.  Check it out here: http://tamarasuttle.com/build-community

In this video podcast Tamara discuss:

  • What is an on-line community around your website?
  • Elements and characteristics of an on-line community.
  • How to nurture an online community?
  • The etiquette of an online community.
  • The importance of consistently engaging with the individuals in your on-line community.
  • Business to business relationship building.
  • How an online community will benefit your business brand and bring more traffic to your website.

Video #1

Video #2

FYLMIT.com creates promotional video for therapists in private practice.  If you are interested in having your own promotional video please visit FYLMIT.com.  Let’s create your promotional video!

FYLMIT “How to build a community around your website.” with Tamara Suttle LPC

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