FYLMIT-A Note to Pre-licensed Therapists with Guest Nam

Ernesto Segismundo Jr.Hi my name is Ernesto Segismundo Jr. and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist.  Aside from my clinical practice, I’m also the creator of FYLMIT.com.  At FYLMIT.com I create promotional videos for therapists in private practice.

Now I have my own video podcast called FYLMIT.com–Storytelling Through Video!  Yeah, I thought that title was catchy too!  Wooohoooo!!!!! 😉

The purpose of these video podcast interviews is to showcase mental health professionals and those who work with them.  I wanna tell their story through these video!  I don’t want you to just hear them, I want you to see them…literally!

Each professional I interviewed are hand picked for their ability to inspire, encourage and enhance the value of the mental health profession. These professionals are not only clinicians but they are business coaches, marketers, community organizers, professors and just all around good human-beings.

Oh and I do have to say that video podcast is nothing new.  However, I highly recommend that you don’t watch these videos while driving, walking, running or on your adventure catching Pokemons.  I don’t want you to get into an accident.  So please find a nice quiet and safe place to watch these videos. 🙂

NamThis video podcast features:

Namrata (Nam) Rindani-Mcmahill, M.A.

Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern, IMF 68753

Nam is a pre-licensed marriage and family therapist from San Diego, CA.  She is currently working in a private practice setting.  She is also an administrator of a very successful closed Facebook group for mental health professionals called Therapist in Private Practice (i.e. TIPP).

In this 2 part video-podcast you will learn about:

  • Nam’s challenges and triumphs being a pre-licensed therapist for 6 years.
  • Nam discussed her journey as a pre-licensed therapist and discovering her character and self through the process.
  • Nam discussed the type of mindset you’ll need to withstand the challenges of maintaining and achieving a healthy private practice.
  • To have a thriving private practice you need to have a particular mind-set of courage.
  • Her discovery that what was going on in her practice was a direct reflection of what was going on internally (attitude, fear, and view of the licensure status).
  • Getting rid of the “less-than” attitude and mind-set that many pre-licensed therapists have.
  • How to reframes the pre-licensed process as a time of personal growth, discovery and character building.
  • Nam talks about 5 things you need to figure out early in your career as a pre-licensed therapists.

To know more about Nam please visit her website at www.soulnarratives.com

Part 1 of 2 Video podcast interview with Nam.

Part 2 or 2 Video podcast interview with Nam.

FYLMIT.com creates promotional video for therapists in private practice.  If you are interested in having your own promotional video please visit FYLMIT.com.  Let’s create your promotional video!


FYLMIT-A Note to Pre-licensed Therapists with Guest Nam

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